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Gallery / `59 El Camino
There were 22,246 El Caminos built in 1959.  Quite a few have survived the decades, and we here at Chevy59.com continue to get emails from people saying they have found yet another, sitting somewhere awaiting restoration. 

Chevrolet blended style and function into one car by starting with the station wagon in the design stages and modifying it into a pickup.  The original El Camino -- in fact -- was a Cadillac showcar in the early 1950s, and the name was recycled when GM chose to build competition for Ford's Ranchero.  The car was continued through 1960 (about 14,000 built that year), and then reintroduced in 1964 on the mid-size GM frame that most people are accustomed to seeing.  These cars served many purposes for their owners, and with the pickup bed providing extra cargo space it is easy to see why this car was loved. Great for carrying around luggage for your family vacation, tools for work, or anything else you could possible fit back there. Although the cab did not provide a lot of seating, a vacation or a trip was possible to make.

Most folks have never seen one of these early cars, and are more familiar with the `64-`87 vintage cars on the Malibu platform.  Because of their unique status in the the El Camino line, the `59s and `60s both continue to gain popularity as the years stretch.  Naturally these cars share a lot with the station wagons, including tailgate panel, tail lights, and gas tanks. 

Pix taken @ Goodguys Pacific Northwest Nationals 2000 --
This car had 348 power, and was still in the hands of the original owner!